My Soulmate


by Afa Saikh

ISBN: 9789389988130

PRICE: 250

Pages: 167

Language: English

Category: FICTION / Romance / General

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“This is a story of MISS.SMART and Mr.HOT.
These two strangers tied up with unwilling situations who are completely aware of each other.
Ada never had been alone without her parents. After marrying Adnan Khan, Ada moved to London, where she is totally nervous. Everything is so strange to her. She had to stay under the same roof with her Mr.Hot husband. He is totally a stranger to her.
They both moved to London where Adnan was studying in high school before his marriage. After his marriage, he was going to continue his studies with his wife because his parents wanted Ada to fulfill and reach her own ambitions.
Adanan Khan had a guilty feeling about what his friends thought that he was married to a hijabi.. He thought that Ada is not his type and not his soul mate.
Where Ada is worried.. She married a jerk who never cared for anyone. How can I bear this man? How can I spend the rest of my life with this man? This is disgusting.
They both had their negative feelings according to each other..
Ada had a horrible past, A past haunting her like shadow, where Adnana had a bad present. How they both solve their life’s mysteries.
Let’s see what’s going to happen when they come to know each other closely.. While they are living under the same roof.
Will they hate each other or will they love each other hardly..??
What made Adnan say that Ada is his soulmate.
What happens when Ada moves to Adnan place..??
How do they fall for each other..?? The hates, the fights, the love, the twists you’re gonna read in my upcoming chapters..
So to know about then open the page to read a beautiful story.”

About the Author

This is Afa shaik, people also knew me as Reshma shaik too.
Currently im a student, Pursuing B.Tech engineering.
You can connect with me on the Instagram platform @afa_shaik and you can write your reviews at


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