Pustakalay Me Suchana Praodyogiki ka Anupryog Evm Divyaang Sevaye (Copy)


By: Dr. Dinesh Kumar Singh, Kashfi siddiki, Dr. Praveen Kumar Pandey

ISBN: 9789358388084

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Page: 129

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Library is a source of knowledge which plays an important role in the development of creativity and society. In today’s time, information technology has transformed libraries into a new giant which is working to promote knowledge and creativity. By using information technology in libraries, students get access to more materials and sources, which enhances their study and research.
Along with this, disability services are also being provided in libraries so that every section of the society can get equal rights and opportunities. Libraries are making good use of information technology to ensure that people with disabilities have affordable and easy access, regardless of visibility. This also gives them a better position in the society and helps in fulfilling their educational needs.



Dr Dinesh Kumar Singh is working as Assistant Professor in Department of IT, Dr Shakuntala Misra National Rehabilitation University Lucknow. He has obtained B.Tech, M.Tech & P.hd, in Computer Science & Engineering from Different Reputed Universities of India. He has been Teaching Computer Organization & architecture, Object Oriented Programming, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, E-commerce, Cyber Crime to UG and PG students For More than 20 Years. He has Been Published more than 40 research articles in different reputed journals.

A Women With Infinite Dream’s Was Born In Sitarganj, Uttarakhand. She has been Serving Uttar Pradesh Government since 01st of Jan 2004 in ICDS department till 19th Jan 2021 and thereafter as an Administrative Officer (on deputation) in Dr. Shakuntala Misra National Rehabilitation University. She has an admirable academics including IDA membership (UP Chapter No. LKO/UP/273 ) since 01st September 2008. Her passion for learning and dedication to her duties are truly inspiring as her Father Mr. Riyasat Ali Siddiqui’s and her mother Late Mrs Parveen Begum since 15th April 1999. Kashfi’s academic and dedication to serve government as an honest and hard worker for the last 20 yrs reflect a remarkable and tough progression in the achievement of her goals throughout.

Dr. Praveen Kumar Pandey, who is currently working as Library Assistant in Dr. Shakuntala Misra National Rehabilitation University (Swami Vivekanand Central Library), Lucknow, has acommendable academic and professional journey. Dr. Pandey’s academic journey reflects a remarkable progression, culminating in the achievement of his Ph.D from Banasthali Vidyapith in 2023. His doctoral research delved in to the “Use and Impact of Open Source Software in Selected Universities Libraries of Uttar Pradesh: A Study. “Prior to her doctoral pursuits, Dr. Pandey acquired a PGDCA in 2015, showcasing her on going commitment to learning. Her academic achievements continued with Lib. I.Sc. in 2014, where she secured animpressive 3rd position, and M.Lib.I.Sc., earning a first division. In the realm of professional qualifications, Dr. Pandey demonstrated excellence by obtaininga B.Lib.I.Sc. in 2013. Before that, in 2012, she pursued her BA degree from University, Kanpur, securing a second division.



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