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The present work of art by Prof. Amaresh Prasad Bhandary (Viral) is a collection of some long poems which are his own creations.
At the very outset as the tittle of the book suggests that this book is an attempt at coughing out something mysterious. Although this present book consists of poems of diversified shades, tastes, moods, themes yet when the reader tries to pry into the author’s mind keeping in view the tittle of the very book ending with a question mark, it thrills and instantly arouses a curiosity within one’s mind that somethings mysterious is there inside the book and provokes him or her to go through the entire poems to have a plunge into the ocean of deep feelings.
Apparently the tittle hints at waiting eagerly for someone but the caption of each of the poems is found full of diversity, yet the very tittle is inter related with all the poems under different captions where ‘waiting’ is the unifying factor and steering force and this specific word waiting sometimes indicates towards waiting of a lover for the fiancée and vice versa, sometimes for peace, for quality time and so forth.
The book opens with a poem titled ‘Bevas Aansoo’ depicting the pathetic scene of separation of a father and daughter after the daughter’s marriage which is very common Indian scenario but the father is compelled to restrict his tears from flowing by squeezing all his strength to smother his feelings so that his daughter the dearest one to him might not be weak and start her conjugal life which is totally a new one for her as she will have to settle in a different family where the members, culture and atmosphere will totally b different from that in which his daughter was born and brought up.
The cardinal factor of the very poem is ‘waiting’ of a father for his daughter’s return from her ‘sasural ’or in law’s house to his place though for a short time but his eyes will go on staring at the way towards her in law’s house.
Then comes the reply of the departing daughter and ends with a feeling of ‘waiting’ for her father at her new family gazing with hopeful unblinking eyes that very soon her father will come to meet her and the child within her will revive.
Another poem ‘Baarish Mein Bheegta Jaaoon’ is a superb piece of blending of imagination, thought and perfect craftsmanship and the choice of words is so soothing to ears which make poems more musical and creates illusion of reality.
So to concluding precisely it could very aptly be remarked that this book has ample ingredients to be a must read one and the author has very craftily designed his poems which vary from poem to poem, feeling to feeling i.e.
Frustration to hope, sorrow to mirth, desire to romanticism and even to mysticism but ‘waiting’ is the very essence of all the poems.
So, let the curiosity and suspense stay intact into the readers’ mind.
Wishing all the very best to the author with a hope that we will have the pleasure of having more and more crafty and lofty works of art from him in near future.



Amaresh Prasad Bhandary, the author of the present collection, is an Assistant Professor by profession. Although the subject and language of his work is English and his mother tongue is Bengali but for the present collection, the creator chose Hindi language. The author is related to the sacred soil of present day Jharkhand state which has been the birthplace of immortal freedom fighters like Sido, Kanho, Chand, Bhairav, Phulo, Jhano and Bhagwan Birsa Munda and Param Veer Chakra awardee Lance Naik Albert Ekka.
It is believed that Pandavas also took shelter in this land for sometimes during their exile.
Apart from contributing to the society as a teacher through his valuable articles and statements in various national level seminars, webinars etc. of the country, he has also been leaving recognition for his writing skills in various newspapers and magazines and in addition to the present book. “Main Ashwatthama Bol Raha Hoon…” written by him which has been a very excellent work and has been greatly appreciated by every section of the society. The creator is also active in social media like Facebook and also used to run his own YouTube channel named ‘The Vision’ which during the initial phase of Covid-19 pandemic, provided information to the society from a factual and scientific point of view related to its prevention. Along with uploading many videos to create awareness, he has been expressing his opinion through videos on various contemporary burning issues as well.
Apart from this, the creator also has a special identity as a skilled singer (classical music and contemporary music), lyricist and composer. Just a few days ago, his self-composed album ‘Durga Ran Rangini’, composed under his own music direction, was quite successful, in which he has also demonstrated his melodious singing ability excellently. This album is a high level work from every point of view and is very popular till today.


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