Apna Jharkhand


By: Avinash Sinha

ISBN: 9788119064335

Page: 47

Price: 120

Category: POETRY / General

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About the book

Apna Jharkhand is a compilation of poetry that I have written. In addition to the poems about Jharkhand, there are other outstanding poems in the collection. Jharkhand’s unity, its integrity, and its progress are all given poetic expression in this collection of poems, which is itself in the form of a poetry book. In addition to this, it has other poems that are dedicated to the celebrations that take place in Jharkhand and to Birsa Munda ji, who is also referred to as “Dharti Aaba.” In this collection of poems titled “O Maa Saraswati,” there is also a request that is made to Maa Saraswati that you will certainly find to be to your liking. If you are fluent in Hindi and enjoy reading Hindi poetry, you should definitely check out the collection of verses known as “Apna Jharkhand.”

About the author

My name is Avinash Sinha. I am a resident of Thana- Gawan, District- Giridih, and the Village of Vyonk, which is located in the Malda Post (Jharkhand).
My first collection of poetry, titled “Apna Jharkhand,” is included here. In it, in addition to Jharkhand, there are a number of other poetry that you will undoubtedly like reading.


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