Happiness Requires Struggle – Yet She Keeps Going


By:Alladurgam Sadhvi

ISBN: 9789358380187

Page: 88

Price: 170

Category: POETRY / General

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About the book

This book concerns about a cryptic, venturesome, appealing stories of real life. A sense of peace as I no longer hold the burden of my confession.
The whole selfish era of the world, there is this girl who got misunderstood and judged by each any every person in her life.
Each phase of her life determines the hurdles she came across.
Cried when hurt, frustrated through breakdowns, lost when couldn’t prove herself.
But yet the story has to continue.

About the author

Alladurgam Sadhvi, has emerged as an exciting new voice in the literary world. with the release of “HAPPINESS REQUIRES STRUGGLE-Yet She keeps Going”, she presents an enchanting and captivating narrative that will transport readers to unexplored realms of imagination. She has poured her heart and soul into this book and hopes that readers find solace, inspiration and a renewed sense of wonder within its pages. As Her’s debut publication, “HAPPINESS REQUIRES STRUGGLE-Yet She Keeps Going” is merely the beginning of a promising literary career.


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