Hungry for More…


By: Jacqueline LB Manzi

ISBN: 9789358384048

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As a child, I grew up waiting for Sundays because Sundays meant cooking and spending quality time with the family and what better way to connect with one another than through food – good, wholesome, delicious food. My parents followed a family tradition – where Sundays were considered to be very sacred in the way we cooked for one another. This according to me was the greatest Act of Love – and the kitchen, was always a safe haven to relish our emotions in the magic of food and togetherness as a family. Over the years, through ‘cooking and eating’, I learnt the art of connecting better with people from all walks of life and a genuine connection at that. Having learned to connect with food and people emotionally, I learned early on, that, LOVE was always, the magic ingredient. This maybe cliché but there is truth in this and my life is a testimony to that truth. Food indeed brings families, people, cultures and even lovers together, like in my case for instance, my husband is Italian and I am Indian, we have learned to merge our diverse cultures together and our greatest love language has always been food. We have also been blessed with our wonderful baby boy, Noah, Being born into this family; he too, no matter how young has shown a genuine appreciation for food. Noah’s love for his dad’s roasted pork is a testimony to this. And in tribute to that we have learned to merge our two very different cultures and cuisines together, bringing you this book, with a touch of love. My recipes are a fragment of each emotion, happiness, closeness, care, warmth and most importantly love – all wrapped into one meal, With a dash of love and a sprinkle of tenderness with every meal being cooked, people get closer and share every emotion deeper; this is what is projected onto my food. I hope these recipes will embrace the same for you. I have truly made the best of memories through these meals cooked for my loved ones. It’s safe to say that food has been a language I have always understood best and I live my life embracing what food has done for me. My recipes are downright easy, yet they are surprisingly delicious. These recipes have been created, tested and cooked at all family events – dinners, lunches, birthdays, holiday seasons and what I pass on through this book is a piece of comfort and love, from my home to yours.


The warmth of the stove has always been what I’ve turned to on a cold day. The comfort that it brings to my heart when preparing a meal can be quite restorative. Cooking has always been one of the creative passions that I have resonated through as an art and not just skill. It is indeed a craft and can be quite mindful and therapeutic. I have been cooking since I was 15. I was very much a beginner then. I would strictly follow each and every ingredient. However, I’ve learned to turn it into a form of art, and I now cook with intuition. I have a Master of Arts in Education from Christ University, Bangalore. But given that the culinary arts have always been a deeper sentiment for me, I chose to embark on this journey, appealing to the very senses of life. I am a mom , a former educator, and my love language is indeed cooking for my family and loved ones.


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