I, Him, and Love – A Surreal Tale


By: Susheel K Dheeravath

ISBN: 9789358380026

Page: 101

Price: 349

Category: FICTION / General

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About the book

What she thinks might not be what she lives, but what she knows she loves.
An ordinary day in the life of a hopeless romantic. Sun-kissed walks, cozy nights spent under blankets, cooking together, and the pursuit of love in an unforgiving world.
Little does she know, this world is not an easy place to love or be loved in. But she perseveres.

About the author

An Engineer turned Business Student at the Indian Institute of Management Kashipur, Susheel K Dheeravath never shies away from trying new things. He works during the day and writes at night. His best pass time is to sit in his chair whilst thinking about the character he saw during the day to carve out a story for his readers. A story of people, their memories, their failures, and successes but most importantly of their togetherness! When one is reading his stories, they travel into a world full of love and affection. The dreams seem to become a reality and a marvelous experience of love transcends from the book to the atmosphere making the reader go into the thoughts of their loved ones.

Susheel’s writing differs from his contemporaries, for his stories start with a basic incident and take the reader through the character’s most normal activities which soon turns into a rollercoaster ride of emotions and feelings.

The author loves to travel, listen to shayaris and music, and learn new things. He himself is a great poet. It is his curiosity and an out of the ordinary point of view towards life which drives him to write new stories and books from the usual anecdotes of life giving life to a side of the story never thought of before. A very abnormally normal yet astonishing enough!


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