Meditation for You


By: Arya Murthy

ISBN: 9789358382693

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Page: 61

Category: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Meditation

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What is meditation? How can I prepare for meditation? How can I deal with my monkey mind? How can I commence my practice? If you have these types of questions….this book answers. Step by step, Progressive manner you will learn:
* Physical and Mental preparation.
* Pranayama practices to clam the mind.
* Pratyahara practices to internalize the mind.
* Dharana practices for getting ability to concentrate.
* Different meditations: Meditation on Shiva and Shakti, Meditation on the three aspects of the Divine Mother, Meditation on Saints, Breathing and Chakra based meditation, Meditation on five elements, Meditation on Energy and Matter, Meditation on Inner Sounds, Meditation on the three stages of experiences. When these practices are followed methodically, you will notice cognitive changes in your personality. Meditation will be no more a time based practice. You live in Meditation. Hari: Om


Arya Murty belongs to Andhra Pradesh, South India. He started his yogic practices at the age of 15 year. At the age of 18 years, he was initiated into Mantra Yoga and started Upasana on Ganesha, Shakti and Shiva. This practice kindled in him a strong desire to pursue the spiritual path with more dedication. So he left his position as a Mathematics teacher and traveled to Rishikesh. Arya lived in Swami Dayananda Ashram for three years. Studied Vedanta Philosophy under the guidance of Swami. Shaakshaatkritaananda Saraswati. Brahmachari. Ramprasadji and Rishi Sudhir ji helped him in improving his yogic practices. After these studies, he became a wandering spiritual seeker. For five years he traveled living in semi forest areas and intensified his practices. He had the occasion to live on a small hill, in a thatched hut, without electricity or any other modern amenities for six months at a time. He spent two years in Kolluru ( Udupi Dist, Karnataka)and did intense medtation on Bhagavati Mukambika. In his experience, Arya found the practice of adhering to a vow of silence for several days at a stretch to be very helpful in mastering one’s own mind. Since 2009, Arya has been teaching at Yoga Schools.


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