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“””THE NEGLECTED ONE”” is a collection of poetry and prose by Rasha Hameed. The collection is about survival. It is divided into sections, with each section serving a different purpose and relevance to the life experiences of the untold heroes. The sections explore the themes of violence, abuse, love, loss, and femininity. The collection delves into all the various aspects and emotions that come with falling in love. The heartache when it ends, the butterflies when it’s new, the abuse experienced in some relationships. Along with it the author also presents the dark side of society and relationships.
The book is divided into 4 series: the eternal series””, “”the dark series””, “”the mystery series “” and “”the crown series””.
This collection discusses personal trauma that is recommended for the ages of 14 and up.
The “”Dark Series”” is so devastating you wonder if you will survive. The narrative tells of the pain of loss and the elation of triumph, capturing in finely wrought detail the experience of being a young woman in today’s world.
Whereas the last section , “”The Crown Series”” completely contrasts the “”Dark Series””. In this section, the poems’ themes focus on a hopeful determination to rise above difficulty and discouragement.
By turns fearless and intimate this section will strengthen your soul and inspire you to celebrate your own experience.
Overall through this collection, she tries to capture complex feelings and emotions in a way that is easily digestible and will be rooted forever in your heart.”

About the Author

“Rasha Hameed is pretty much an ambiverted poet wrapped up in her parallel universe. Most of the time she’s pretty much engrossed in researching about the universe and technology. Besides poetry, Rasha is passionate about Football, Portrait Sketching and Coding.
She is pursuing her under grad engineering degree from Mangaluru, India. Rasha was inspired by Shakespeare’s works, which was the reason she says she was drifted towards poetry. There’s always a story to tell when you are with her.”


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