Yatharth Ki Parchaiyan


By: Pramod Roriya

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In today’s dynamic society, humans are drawn towards materialism, immersed in it, and are relentlessly pursuing it with great fervor. Although this person is referred to as a human, he is distancing himself miles away from humanity and humaneness due to his selfishness. Despite being aware of the reality of materialism, today’s human is blindly pursuing his self-interest, engaging in actions that provide him with momentary pleasure and satisfaction.

Many experts, as well as my own experience, suggest that there is no better friend, true companion, entertaining and informative entity than books. Not only are they entertaining, but they also serve as a medium to express our inner thoughts and experiences. As a result, society finds a new positive direction.

This book attempts to illuminate through poems the experiences, emotions, struggles, human qualities, a source of inspiration, prevalent vices in society, women empowerment, and so on, in life. It is hoped that this book will not only entertain readers but will also help them achieve their goals and objectives with their blessings. The first attempt of this collection is presented with these very thoughts, with the hope that it will assist readers in becoming better and more valuable humans.

The subject matter of the poems in the book “”Yatharth Ki Parchaiyan”” is inspired by everyday life. An attempt has been made to keep the language and style of the poems very simple and easy to understand so that new readers can easily understand the core message of the poems. The title of the book, “”Yatharth Ki Parchaiyan”” (Shadows of Reality), in itself shows what lies behind the curtain of reality. In some poems, I have used satire, which sharply criticizes the prevalent conservative tradition in society and the laxity of the government system. It is hoped that my effort will be liked by the readers and will continue to inspire me to write in a similar vein.

The inspiration for writing this book, “”Yatharth Ki Parchaiyan,”” has come from the experiences of my life and the blessings of my family members. I would like to express my gratitude to Shri Mohan Kumar (IOFS), Shri Surendra Hanumante, and Shri Nitin Dadilwar, whose positive words and support have always inspired me to write the book. I also express my gratitude to numerous direct and indirect collaborators who have played an important role in giving the final shape to this book.



Pramod Roria, an officer of the Indian Ordnance Factory Service (IOFS) cadre, is serving in the Ordnance Factory Chanda, an institution under the Ministry of Defence, Government of India. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from S.G.S.I.T.S Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Subsequently, he was selected in various PSUs such as NTPC, IOCL, HAL, etc. Finally, he cleared the UPSC examination and chose the IOFS cadre. Despite having an education in science subjects, his interest in Hindi literature writing is commendable and unique.

Pramod Roria has attempted to illuminate his experiences, emotions, struggles of student and professional life, a source of inspiration, environmental conservation, prevalent vices in society, etc., through poems in his first book.



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