Bas Yon Hee: Tatha Anya kahaniyan


By: Chandra mohan bhandari

ISBN: 9789358386431

Price: 250/-

Page: 180

Category: FICTION / General

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The book presnts a collection of fifteen short stories written during past four years. This was also a period of corona pandemic and understandably some of the stories depict human struggles and experienes of these times. The stories cover a wide variety of human emotions, aspirations, conflicts and contradctions. To what extent author has been successful in his effort can only be known by readers’ impressions.


Education, Research and Teaching in Physics: Chandra Mohan Bhandari was associated with Allahabad University for five decades, as student, researcher and teacher. Besides, his interest in science-philosophy, environmental contexts and literature always remained. His articles on science related topics continued to be published in ‘Aavishkaar’ and ‘Vigyan’ magazines. After retirement, he got more time for literary pursuits and his articles, poems and stories kept getting published in the magazines Setu, Muse India, Indian Ruminations and Mainstream Weekly.
His book on philosophy of science Nothing But All- an inquiry into the nature and implications of Modern Science was published in 1997 from Kitab Mahal, Allahabad.
A collection of English stories, Floating Islands, published in 2020 by Notion Press.
A collection of Hindi essays ‘Manaviya Abhiprayon Ki Dagar’ has been published in e-book form by Setu Prakashan in 2022.
Awarded with Setu Excellence Award for the year 2019 from Setu bilingual magazine published from Pittsburgh.


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