By: Anvay Arora

ISBN: 9789358380323

Page: 147

Price: 249

Category: Science Fiction

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About The Author

Anvay Arora, is a student driven by an unwavering passion for innovation, an insatiable hunger for creativity and the occasional Chole Bhature. As a student of Computer Science, he embraces his logical and innovative tendencies, by expressing his creative side through writing and contemplating new ideas while witnessing the sunset from his balcony. Writing is like his dance partner, keeping him disciplined and swaying to the tunes of literature and compelling new concepts. Alongside his achievements as a student leader and tech enthusiast, he cherishes history and poetry as trusted allies, igniting his creative compass. He speaks highly of his family and his closest friends who have always shown faith in him beyond his wildest imagination (the author is grateful). As he holds a keyboard in one hand and a pen in another, juggling multiple passions, he is ready to open the door to his written world.

About The Book

Bring My Infinity Alive is an ironic, exciting, agonising, and flattering collection of a thousand lives and moments of love, detachment, joy, pain, regret, experience, and solitude all lived in one life. Experience a captivating tale that delves into the realms of love, history, and time travel. Through a first-person narrative, it intertwines a beautiful story with a collection of breathtaking poems that capture deep human emotions. Uncover the punishing nature of love, entwined with the enduring pillar of Time itself.


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