Ek Prayas: Kahaani Sangrah


By: Dr. Brijesh Kumar Agrawal

ISBN: 9789358384055

Price: 299/-

Page: 126

Category: FICTION / Short Stories (single author)

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Ek Prayas: Kahaani Sangrah, the author has tried to show the mirror of the society through stories, in which character portrayal has been done through short and long stories. Some of these stories are imaginary, some are memoirs and some are based on true events. The characters of all the stories are imaginary. Even the imaginary stories have been tried to depict the evils and evils prevalent in the society through this “Ek Prayas” story collection.



Dr. Brijesh Kumar Agrawal has established himself in the society as a member and office bearer of the Lions Club while being associated with social service. The author has been interested in songs, music, drama art, sports and writing since his student days. From time to time, he has also got his articles and memoirs published in local newspapers and magazines. All this came to an end during medical education. From 2008, he left the medical profession and took a different step in the field of education. Since then he has been established as a school director. During the Corona period, the work of songs, music, drama and writing was started again and is continuing continuously. Two of the author’s stories have been broadcast by All India Radio and the author has also acted in two documentary films.



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