Gangster’s Tale – Underworld of Passion and Pestilence


by Mareledi Wiseman Khachana

ISBN: 9789391219086

PRICE: 130

Size: 8×11

Category: FICTION / Thrillers / Crime

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About the book

This was the battle of giants between the cartel and the cops, until hell broke loose. Michael and his goons were against the police. The King of the Underworld, Michael Saxonburg built the biggest drug monopoly in the world with his goons and closest allies, until the cops got enough of his drug empire and then they declared war on him. They wanted to bring him to his knees and the question was that, would they succeed in their quest to destroy him, once and for all. Michael has got a lot of firepower to jump them. He used his strength to destroy them, inside and out, but the cops were did not give up easily on their dream to arrest or kill one of the biggest gangsters, the world has ever seen. This was the clash of titans with the game of thrones. The wrath of chaos spewed in the world, because of this warfare. As a result, the ring of fire came to the world, as the darkness smeared in the dark horizon. Things were spiralling out of control between the gringos and cops. This match was made in hell. Things are not going to end well for both of them, until the odds are played and the fate has chosen sides in this war of casualties. Game on!

About the author

My name is Mr. Mareledi Wiseman Khachana. I was born on February 16, 1989 in Francistown, Botswana. I now reside in Mowana, North East District (44 km away from the great city of Francistown). It is a secluded village between Tsamaya (6 km away on the south) and Tshesebe (10 km away on the north). I have graduated with Bachelor of Science in computer engineering from Botho University in the city of Gaborone, Botswana. I have 8 years in computer engineering (2012-2020). So I have decided to change the fine career pathway, because of my destiny and anointing from the grace and glory of God, I became an immense and strongest author and the scriptwriter. I have 12 years in writing (2008-2020) and ICT (2012-2020). He has 1 degree, 7 diplomas and 2 advanced certificates, 2 appreciation certificates. He is a 2 time ICT championship coach in 2016. He is a writing guru and ICT intellect. This is the ninth book debut.



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