Guru Daya


By: Satruhan Das

ISBN: 9788119064731

Page: 70

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About the book

Human life is priceless. A Sadguru is required to make the gift of human life worthwhile. Sadguru is the only one who can grant God’s realization. Find the antelope in the musk coil and transform into Mahi. The world does not see Ram like this. Sadguru does not discuss God much. Makes the disciple aware of God, teaches him how to stay connected with God, and encourages him to continue completing his duty for society and country. This book attempts to demonstrate eternal truth by listening and reading rather than preaching. Only the book can reveal the truth. The ultimate truth can only be experienced through oneself, just as the taste of jaggery can only be characterized as sweet, yet its unique flavor cannot be articulated. Only after eating jaggery will the consumer discover its true flavor. The significance of this book centered on spiritual life has been examined in length, as has the requirement for a Guru after receiving a human body. Many attempts have been undertaken to eradicate various forms of misunderstandings that exist in people’s views. An attempt has been made in this book to convey how, in today’s hectic life, while performing the responsibilities of our social and familial lives, we can do our welfare with the help of Guru. People believe that dedication can only be achieved by leaving behind one’s home and family; this book aims to refute this myth. You can achieve your original mission while also raising a family. The current book sheds light on all of these topics. Which people perform in their own arbitrary way without knowing the original. The goal of this book is for people to know the truth, and reading it will provide proof of that. All of you book enthusiasts are encouraged to read the book several times.

About the author

Shatrughan Saheb, the author of this book, was born in the year 1962 in village Wajidpur post Tahar Wajidpur near Gopalganj Azamgarh U.P. Your father was Mr. Bhola Singh and mother was Mrs. Dhaneshwari Singh. You were in devotion since childhood. Father used to recite Shri Ramcharitmanas daily. From childhood Ramcharitmanas used to discuss the mystery of Gita and other spiritual points. In the year 1970, at the age of just 12 years, he received Naam Daan from Baba Jaygurudev. Received education only till intermediate. Married in the year 1981. Wife Mrs. Urmila Devi who is currently known as Uttam Sahab. Uttam Sahib is doing the work of giving names to the devotees by the order of the Guru. According to the information received, Shatrughan Sahib’s life was always spent in meaning. Due to this, he had to go outside the state for dharnajan, but due to hindrance in devotion, he came back in a few years and started doing agricultural work at home and spent his family life. Even after taking Naam Daan from Jai Gurudev Maharaj, many questions arise in the mind, but the doubt is not resolved, as it has come in Ramcharitmanas that – Whenever there is a lover in front of you. Half of births are born only then. And in the Gita, the great form of God Arjuna with quadrilateral form and two arms remained with him throughout his life. The entire sermon of the Gita was given to Arjuna in the battlefield. Despite that, in the end, a yagya was performed for the atonement of sins. Still Arjun could not be free. In this way many doubts used to arise in the mind of Shatrughan Saheb and when there was no solution, your restlessness kept on increasing. Time passed by, in the year 1997, I got the opportunity to visit Shri Daya Saheb Ji’s ashram near Nizampur, Shahganj, Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, and then all the questions were answered without asking. Then a feeling arose in your mind that Daya Saheb ji’s worldly life has been introduced, but if you get a supernatural introduction, then believe it. That time also got in July 1997 itself. When you took Naam Daan from Daya Sahib. When Guruji’s supernatural secret was received, spiritual experience began to be attained rapidly and the faculties that arose in the mind began to go away. Your love and meeting with Daya Sahib went on very well. You got a lot of opportunity to serve Guru, which is of great importance in spiritual life. No one can make spiritual progress without serving the Guru. After 12-13 years, by the grace of Guru, he disguised himself as a monk and the goal of a charitable life kept moving forward. Dr. Dinesh Pandey


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