Maharashtra Rajya Juni Pension Sangathan – Ekacha Mission Juni Pension


By: Monika Pravin Sargar

ISBN: 99789358380057

Page: 34

Price: 700


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About the book

In an effort to raise both the state and national minimum old age pensions, Maharashtra’s government has been lobbying on behalf of the elderly pension association since 2015. State and federal retirees alike would benefit from such an increase. This hike would affect not just the state of Maharashtra, but all of India. The proposed increase would be good for retirees all around the country, not just those in this state. The ratification of this hike will have far-reaching consequences for both the state and the nation.

About the author

Monika Pravin Sargar is a housewife and has prepared a souvenir on the Sadar movement.


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