By: Mary Tina Shamli Pillay

ISBN: 9788119064373


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About the book

I MET A FEATHER is a collection of poems that examines daily life from a nuanced perspective. Implicit themes and emotions are explored through familiar subjects and events which often go unnoticed.The poems invite you to delve beneath the surface and experience simple realities.Giving expression to various themes and voices has been a gratifying experience for me. It felt as if the poems were waiting to be written. The poem ‘Every Soil’ won the First Prize at the BBC Digital Radio Text Poetry competition in 2001. I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I did writing it.

About the author

Mary Tina Shamli Pillay is an Educationist, Poet, Editor and Political Enthusiast. She taught English before establishing her own English Language Editing business in 2004. The Field of Education is very close to her heart and she values the importance of Education. Tina believes that Women should be empowered in all aspects of life through quality basic and higher education. Poetry writing is a liberating, and often, emotional experience. Tina finds herself inextricably drawn to the power of a poem to distill, convey and examine, with audacious brevity, incredibly intense emotions and complex themes. She won the First Prize at the BBC Digital Radio Text Poetry competition in 2001 for her poem ‘Every Soil’. Tina holds bachelor’s degrees in English Literature and Education, and a master’s in Political Science. She lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu (India) with her husband and daughter.


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