By: Anurag Vipin Kadangote

ISBN: 9789358380286

Page: 224

Price: 339

Category: FICTION / Fantasy / General

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About the book

The thrilling science fiction novel blends scientific accuracy with nail-biting encounters. Peter and Riya are alone in a world that was once their home. That was until it all happened…
But there is still a way, it canal be undone. The laws of nature can be cheated. The wheels of time can actually be turned. Along their journey of making the machine work, they encounter the horrors of the apocalypse. Soon, they realize it was no accident but a deviously constructed conspiracy. Dark secrets of the past start revealing themselves and they find themselves in a dangerous position. They have to make the right decision…
Can they still make it all right? Can they still survive? It’s all INTERTWINED…

About the author

The author of the book, Anurag Vipin Kadangote is an 18 year old who is from Kerala. He has completed the last 5 years of his secondary education in the Rashtriya Indian Military College, Dehradun. An ardent fitness enthusiast, he loves playing every sport. He likes his evenings best with a thrilling game of Volleyball or Football. He is also a keen debator and orator. Currently, Anurag stands selected for the 150th course of NDA and await the commencement of his training to become a Fighter Pilot in the Indian Air Force.


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