Islam Aur Musalman


By:Dr.Zafar Hasan





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About the book

I am Dr. Zafar Hassan a Homoeopathic Physician. The specialty of a doctor is to catch the pulse and tell the disease. I too, with more efforts, I contacted all the upper and lower class people of the society with long experience and got to know why our society is so economically, socially backward. In this book, I have tried to uncover the shortcomings and flaws of our society and find solutions to them. I have full faith that after reading this article, all of you will definitely meditate on it and improve it and you too will move forward on the path of development.

About the author

I Dr. Zafar Hasan I did B.S.C in 1986 then went to Mumbai to study where in 1991 got D.H.M.S degree and became a homeopathy doctor. But my hobby was my first priority, the writer was my biggest love. While in Mumbai, I was associated with the producers and directors of the film Line.Influenced by these relationships and my writing, I was given the responsibility to write the script of the film ‘Kasam Kali Ki’, which I executed well. This Raj Babbar, Anita Raj starrer was a huge hit, but at the same time my mother was diagnosed with cancer, and I came back to my mother, leaving a beautiful, successful career, who made me the most beautiful, lovable, more than life in the world. Aziz. What should I write about the rest of the mother, even the ink of the seven oceans will fall short. mother is so cute His love is deeper than the ocean, Heaven is under his feet, I wish that when I die, my grave should be built near my mother’s feet.


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