Jal Sandesh


By: Krishna Kumawat

ISBN: 9788119064298


Price: 189

Category: FFICTION / Romance / General

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About the book

This story is fictional, no mention of any religion and caste has been made in this story. This story depicting love with nature wants to lay the foundation of love with the sea. This story is about a girl named Saina who is the daughter of a pirate. Saina reaches a deserted island in an accident. Along with adventure, this story is also emotional. An attempt has been made by the author to give a beautiful description of separation. There is a beautiful mention of Choru in the story who is the second main character of the story.

About the author

Krishna Kumawat likes to live in imagination and has been absorbing stories and poems since childhood. Right from the beginning, the passion of telling stories that happened in the mind has brought him to publish his first book today.


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