Sahitya Ganga – An Anthology of 35 Finest Compositions


By: Swati Sucharita

ISBN: 9788119064380


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About the book

This anthology contains works by multiple authors, often on a single topic. It is an excellent way to investigate various points of view on a wide range of issues or themes. It has been utilized here to highlight the work of a group of authors. This book focuses on literature and poetry, as well as nonfiction works and research papers. It includes a variety of writing styles and perspectives, making it ideal for readers who want to broaden their understanding of a particular subject. It can also shed light on how writers from various eras approached various topics. Overall, this anthology provides an excellent opportunity to investigate a wide range of ideas and perspectives.

About the author

An anthology that was compiled by Swati Sucharita together with co-writers Mouli Kalsa, Kavya Mehta, Bharati Jha, Tulika Majumder and Bhajan Ch. Kashyap. Sahitya Ganga also includes contributions from other authors.


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