Jeevan Ke Rishtey


By: Dr. Dashrath Tiwari

ISBN: 9788119064984

Page: 227

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Category: POETRY / General

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“In the context of poetry collection of life’s relationships, only by being tied in the thread of relationships, human life gets the real glow of its life. What is that life where there is no real evaluation of relationships. There is a link of different types of relationships, if even one link is broken, then the culture and civilization of the whole human race automatically gets disintegrated. There are many types of relationships such as personal relationships, family relationships, social relationships, relationships towards the whole world, religious relationships, human relationships, etc. Almost all relationships are tied to each other in such a way that the effect of one is not felt without feeling the other. Can stay Development of one, development of all, destruction of one, destruction of all. Basically the unit of relationship is personal relationship and if we follow personal personal relationship correctly, then all relationships automatically get nurtured, developed and the whole human race starts boasting by reaching the pinnacle of development. Relationship is the interdependence of culture and civilization. An attack on one becomes the destruction of all and the smile of one becomes the smile of all. The upliftment of culture, civilization and literature of any nation is the reason for the upliftment of the entire nation. If we lose our culture, civilization and literature, then it is also certain that our step is moving towards slavery. Today, if we observe the country’s culture and civilization and literature, then it will definitely be found that we are blindly running after western culture, civilization and literature without realizing the falafal. Shrinking in fear of destruction Indian culture is sitting in some corner in fear and sobbing. We are going astray from our true path. Nudity and promiscuity have become the hallmark of civilized society. If we do not become alert in time, then we should also be ready to face a serious consequence. Let us protect and develop our culture and civilization today itself and this is possible only when we recognize the importance of relationships in our lives. The lapse of time is the reason for the downfall of the nation and the recognition of time is the reason for the development of the nation. Behind the composition of the presented poetry collection Jeevan Rishtey, the creator, Dr. Dashrath Tiwari, through his poetry, is constantly trying to show what is the importance of real relationships, how we can restore our pride to Indian culture and civilization by following the relationships through our own conduct. Can get it. The language of poetry collection is very easy, simple and universal. Certainly this poetry collection is educational, readable and exemplary.


“Dr. Dashrath Tiwari was born on 4 January 1955 in Nainijor village of Buxar district of Bihar. His education up to matriculation was done in the hamlet itself and all further courses were done from Calcutta University where he himself had to finance his costs by doing tutoring. His mother’s name was late Devaratiya Devi and father’s name was late Narsingh Tiwari. Father died in his boyhood on 15 August 1965 and mother died in 1987. Received paternal affection from brother Shivkumar, who fostered my family by observing celibacy throughout his life. Throughout his life, he had to experience financial difficulties——the cause being not obtaining a permanent career and being from a poor background.
Since childhood, he was of sharp intellect and used to win the top rank in his class. There was awareness towards creativity since childhood. He had published a collection of poems named Jeevan Prem in Class X itself, but the original copy got burnt along with the full home owing to a fire in the house. After inner pain and later due to the busyness of life, many days had to be kept away from creative effort.”


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