By: Amit Chauhan

ISBN: 9788119064793

Page: 134

Price: 200

Category: FICTION / General

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About the book

We have some Hindi movies in which two-three families or families are shown running parallel. In it, the viewer watches the scene of one family for a while, then watches the scene of another family for a while. I have tried to present something similar in the present Lagunval. Here it is not about one family in a row but the story of two families runs parallel. Here two families mean two couples. George–Anjana and Sandhya–Mrugesh. Along with these four people, other characters also join in the story. And so the story goes.

About the author

From childhood; Interest in reading and writing especially from school level. And this interest led him to write well in the mainstream. TYBA Study up. Main subject Gujarati and minor subject Economics. Love to read literature written in English, Hindi and Gujarati languages. Also likes to travel.
Likes to be constantly active. Yes, during sickness or disease or illness, slacken. After that, who knows why he remains standing. Fruit in diet which is called fruit in English is healthy. Maintains essential rest during illness. There is a constant desire to do something in their mind. Dal-rice and mango or lemon pickle with it are becoming their favorite food. He likes to listen to devotional songs. Also likes to listen to music that suits the mind.


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