KASHMIR SAINTS A WALK THROUGH HISTORY – 15th to 17th Century  Saints of Kashmir



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About the book

This book “KASHMIR SAINTS A WALK THROUGH HISTORY”, is an academic work that will help us to understand the Sufi-Rishi tradition in a macro time span. The author has tried to make understand the philosophy of these Sufi-Rishi mystics and its impact on the society, economy, religion and polity of Kashmir. This book gives special emphasis to understand the Kashmiri Culture in terms of change and continuity perspective and to utilize and relate the information in the analysis of the present day.

About the author

DR. GULZAR AHMAD DAR, Researcher, Academician, Writer, Author, (HISTORIAN) and Critical Analyst studied B.A. from Amar Singh College Srinagar, Post Graduation in History from Indira Gandhi National Open University New Delhi and PH.D in History from Bhagwant University Ajmer Rajasthan besides having Masters in Islamic Studies as well.

Dr. Gulzar Ahmad Dar is the author of many research papers and contributed a lot to numerous national and international journals, besides having participated in dozens of national and international seminars, workshops, conferences and webinars. The author is also the recipient of “YOUNG RESEARCHER AWARD 2020” and “BEST RESEARCH SCHOLAR AWARD 2021”.

The Author is currently working as Contractual Assistant Professor of History in the Higher Education Department, Government of Jammu and Kashmir, besides having more than five years teaching experience in private sector.


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