Lost Recipes of Mahakaushal


By: Vivek kant bakode ,Chef Mukesh Kumar Choudhary

ISBN: 9789358384772

Page:  100

Price:  180/-

Category: EDUCATION / General

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This book tells about the extinct or vanishing dishes of Mahakaushal division of Madhya Pradesh, which were once easily seen in our plate. This book tells us that Mahakaushal is so rich, its festival, food and everything is different. This book is beneficial for those people who want to know about regional food. The dishes prepared traditionally and the utensils used have also been described in this book.


Chef Vivek Kant Bakode is currently working as Assistant Lecturer in State Institute of Hotel Management, Indore. He obtained his BSc degree from the Institute of Hotel Management, Bhopal, and after completing his master’s degree from the Institute of Hotel Management, Lucknow, he served in the Chandigarh Institute of Hotel Management for a few years. Joined the Institute of Hotel Management, Indore from the year 2018 and guiding students. Being passionate about regional cuisine, he also helped in documenting the cuisines of other regions of Madhya Pradesh.Chef Mukesh Kumar Choudhary is an experienced and accomplished chef of culinary arts. After receiving Diploma in Food Production related to Culinary Arts from Institute of Hotel Management Bhopal, he provided his service for many years in the famous 5 star hotels of India. At present, the chef is working as a laboratory assistant at the state Institute of Hotel Management, Indore.



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