Mai Aswatthama Bol Raha Hu


By: Amaresh Prasad Bhandary

ISBN:  9789394607125

Page: 85

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The book titled ‘Main Ashwatthama Bol Raha Hu…’ is based on various incidents described in the epic ‘Mahabharata’, a symbol of eternal religious faith. These events have been described by Ashwatthama, a character from the Mahabharata era, who received the boon of immortality. Sanjaya, with his divine vision, had presented the situation in front of the dark king Dhritarashtra of every event that happened in the battle between the Kauravas and the Pandavas in the field of Kurukshetra. In contrast, Ashwatthama, who is himself a warrior and participated in the Mahabharata war as a warrior from the Kaurava side, wandered through the ages in search of peace, taking the unbearable pain of a wound that never healed on his forehead due to his misdeeds. He is convinced, he himself is describing the background of the Mahabharata war, innumerable deceit and post-war horrors in the name of Dharma Yuddha. Generally, Shakuni and Duryodhana are considered responsible for the devastating war of Mahabharata, but the reader, Through their analytical power and fact, all the characters of Mahabharata, whether they are Dharmaraj Yudhishthira or Kurukul Gaurav Bhishma Pitamah, have all been in some form or the other for this great destruction. He has been found responsible and has also been successful in proving his statement through the arguments presented by him. In this effort, the reader is reflected in an absolute role, which does not hesitate to question the negative role of his father and Matul in the war of India and the destruction of Hastinapur kingdom, they also have Shakuni, Duryodhana and Dussehra. Like the government, sees it from the point of view of the criminal….. In the end, the conscience of the reader is awakened and also the achievement of the immeasurable power of religion. In the beginning, the reader addresses Lord Shri Krishna as a deceiver, but in the end, as soon as the knowledge of Lord Shri Krishna’s reality and his universality in God form, accepts all his misdeeds, surrenders to him and prays for his savation. At the same time, Katar requests that Ashwatthama, Duryodhana, Dushasan etc. were only one in Dwapar, yet India suffered a great destruction and today their number is innumerable, so the time has come that you again incarnated in Dhara Dham. Destroy the unrighteous and unrighteous and establish religion again in the earth. In short, it can be said that this story is based on the heinous act – punishment – self-reflection – self-injury – acceptance of conscience and surrender to God for salvation and it is as relevant and important in human life as it is today. , used to be in Treta or Dwapara Yuga because in every age Dharma is imperishable and the destruction of Adharma is certain.


Amresh Prasad Bhandari, the author of the composition titled ‘Mai Ashwatthama Bol Raha Hu’ is an assistant professor by profession. Although the subject and language of his field of work is English, but for the present composition, the author chose Hindi as the language and the epic Mahabharata, a symbol of eternal faith, for the subject matter, in which Shri Krishna himself fought with his mouth in the Dharma Yudh of Kurukshetra. Vimukh had given the knowledge of eight chapters of Gita to Arjuna. The creator is related to the holy soil of the present Jharkhand state, which has been the birthplace and Karmabhoomi of immortal freedom fighters like Sido, Kano, Chand Bhairav ​​and Lord Birsa Munda. As a teacher, in addition to contributing to the society through his valuable articles and statements in various national level seminars, webinars etc., he has been leaving the identity of his writing in various magazines and through the present book creator. It is the first piece of poetry composed. Apart from writing work, the creators are also active in social media like facebook and ‘THE VISION’ also used to run a YouTube channel and in the early stages of the Kovid-19 epidemic, to make the society aware by giving information from a factual and scientific point of view related to its prevention. Apart from uploading a lot of videos, he has been expressing his opinion on various current burning issues through videos. He has also made a mark as a poet and keeps posting his poetry on Facebook from time to time.


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