Malava Ki Aushadheey Sampada


By: Dr. Mrs. Peenu Mahendra Joshi

ISBN: 9789358385687

Price: 170/-

Page: 105

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Embark on a journey through the verdant landscapes of Malwa with “”Exploring Malwa’s Botanical and medicinal Bounty: A Tribute to Nature’s Pharmacy.”” Born amidst the rich tapestry of Malwa, I have always been captivated by its allure. The lush greenery, untamed beauty, and diverse vegetation, accompanied by the earthy fragrance, never fail to enchant me. Malwa’s essence fills me with inspiration, tranquility, and a sense of fulfillment.

In this small but meticulously crafted hand book, I, as a devoted botanist, felt compelled to honor my roots by documenting the abundant medicinal treasures that abound in Malwa. Delving into its wealth of botanical wonders, I have sought to pay homage to this land that has shaped my identity.

Within these pages, you’ll find a concise yet comprehensive overview of Malwa’s medicinal flora. From its indigenous herbs to rare botanical gems, each plant is a testament to Malwa’s natural richness. As I explore their medicinal properties, I invite you to embark on a voyage of discovery, unlocking the therapeutic potential that lies within Malwa’s embrace.

This book is not just a tribute; it’s a celebration of Malwa’s innate splendor and the profound connection it fosters within us. Whether you’re a fellow botanist, a nature enthusiast, or simply curious about the healing wonders of the land, “”Exploring Malwa’s Botanical Bounty””


Dr. Mrs. Peenu Mahendra Joshi, author of the book “Malava Ki Aushadheey Sampada” is a renowned Botanist. In her education, she has acquired Masters of Science (M.Sc.) specialization in Botany, also qualified CSIR UGC NET, MPSLET, Doctorate (Ph.D.), Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and Received Senior Research Fellowship (SRF). Through her studies and research, she has gained expertise in the field of Indian herbs and ancient medical systems. The author has made her presence as a speaker and subject expert in many national and international conferences, among which Dubai International Conference is notable. Her book “Malava Ki Aushadheey Sampada” describes the natural medicinal resources of Malwa, a secondary region of the Indian subcontinent. Based on her research, experience, and education, this book provides important information about the medicinal plants found in Malwa suitable for modern medical science and medical systems.


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