Malevolent:The Transformation



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Page: 84

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“From the mouth of death almighty returned him back, and he traveled from very far distance only to meet with me. I was in front of him and thinking, why he is here? When all other get replaced with new one, why he is still present? why my destiny brings me here? And what is the worthy of this dishonest fellow in my life? And I want a correct answer of my question. After one year, during this story writing, I realized, I get the answer. God provided me the main character for this wonderful story.
Every person has his own ways, to achieve the targets of his life i.e. money and power. Through this short story I want to give a massage to our society. At which level a person have to controlled himself, or if he doesn’t, what are the consequences he will faced and what the cost he has to pay.
Here in this book I tried to find out, types of transformations gone through, in which an innocent introvert person metamorphosed himself into deadly Malevolent.
This is an interesting book full of love, friendship, passion, and thrills. Let’s meet with my Paras and I am sure you will definitely enjoy his story.”


“I am a very common, God fearing person. A nature lover who truly believed in destiny, and I know very well, whenever almighty want to do his work, he gives a strong natural instinct to us, which compel to do task for him. And we, the human being are act like a puppet gone through already planned drama.
This is my first fiction story, I try to write it into very simple and lucid language. Which can be easily understand by all.
I strongly believed that along with entertainment this story also gives an important lesson about human nature, which we all have to learn.


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