By: Sushma Shinde

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The human mind is amazing. Various thoughts and feelings emerge in the mind at different speeds—sometimes slowly, sometimes at a medium pace, and sometimes very rapidly. The outer world, as well as the inner world of a person, reflect many events in the mind. Life is not fixed; there are many ups and downs, steps, and stages. It is important to view all happenings in a positive light and to remain active and adaptable in life. Sensitivity to life’s events is required. When there is sensitivity, words burst forth to express feelings. Through poetry, the state of things transforms into feelings in the mind and becomes a manuscript.

Jas Jamal, Jas Suchal—wherever a poem appears, some words are added, while others fade away. This brings a moment of peace from daily stress. I wrote and managed the suggested poems. This is my first poetry collection. “”Mauli”” has become a beautiful flower, with petals representing various aspects of life, and “”Kavyapushpas”” has tried to bring out the real fragrance.

Maharashtra’s glory and culture, especially the Saint Dnyaneshwar Mauli Palkhi ceremony, is unique and wonderful. Everyone who experiences Varis is in an Ocean of Bliss. Such times fill my heart with joy. My mother is immersed in the ocean of Mauli’s devotion. My Mauli is irresistibly drawn to visit Mauli, as are all the devotees of Mauli. The word Mauli seems to encompass the world. Remembering the devotion of Varishola, words burst forth with wings!

“Mauli” conveys the sentiment that the first Kavyapushka will appeal to poetry lovers.



Sushma Shinde, an Assistant Commissioner at Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation in Pune, holds an M.Com, B.Ed, APGDUM, and LLM. She completed her Praveshika in vocal classical music from Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal, Mumbai, in 2004. Sushma, residing in Kolki, Phaltan, district-Satara, Maharashtra, received a Prashastipatra in 2007-08 for the best implementation of SJSRY in Satara District from the Honorable Secretary of UD, Maharashtra. She was awarded the Tejaswini Award by the Senior Citizen Association in Phaltan in 2010, a Sanmanpatra for the Swachch Bharat Abhiyan by the Honorable Chief Minister of Maharashtra in 2016, and a COVID Yoddha Sanmanpatra by the President of Maharashtra State, INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS JUSTICE FEDERATION in 2020. Additionally, her article “Swarajya and Welfare State” was published in the book for the Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeet Pune International Conference on “Swaraj is My Birth Right and I Shall Have It,” commemorating the centennial of the Clarion Call (1916-2016).


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