Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II Practical Book


By: Miss Chitra Govind Rajput

ISBN: 9788196024529

Page: 101

Price: 260

Category: EDUCATION / General

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About the book

The aim of this book is to give you an updated and comprehensive knowledge in a lucid manner. Considering student need, all the basic principles and concepts which underline the chemical reaction, have been explained in this book. We hope this practical book will provide complete and comprehensive coverage of new syllabus prescribed by Pharmacy Council Of India (PCI) for organic Chemistry II Practical for B. Pharm III Semester students. It is hoped that this book will be received favorably as an effective practical book both students and teacher of pharmacy.

About the author

Miss. Chitra G. Rajput
M. Pharm
Assistant Professor
Adarsh College Of Pharmacy Vita.
Dr. Niranjan S. Mahajan
M. pharm ,Ph. D
Adarsh College Of Pharmacy Vita.
Dr. Sachin V. Patil
M. Pharm, Ph. D
Ashokrao Mane College of Pharmacy Peth Vadgaon.


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