Professor Vaayumandal


By: Abhishek Brahmachari

ISBN: 9789358386677

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Page: 232

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The Third World War had happened, although our Earth 47 was still alive, but was deeply wounded and was engulfed by the pollution. The water was contaminated, the trees were burnt and the air was no longer safe to breathe. There was only filth everywhere. The people who had survived the greatest destruction on earth were now trying to keep their hopes alive, but the world’s top rulers, who had already destroyed our beautiful planet for their blind religious sentiments and for their so-called jingoistic nationalism, were still engaged in their notorious politics to gain wealth, to take revenge and to hold the power they exercised before.

Pradusha, who considered himself a pacifist, stood up to rebuild the world by using pollution as a vital tool. He had received miraculous powers for this task from Miasma, the goddess of pollution, but this was not an ethical path, so Professor had to stop him. Two old friends, who had transformed into Super Soldiers for Pracheentam in the Third World War, who had fought fierce battles for their country, today stood facing each other as enemies.

Earth 47 was still trying to recover from its latest devastation when it was about to be in danger once again, but this time the danger was not going to come from destroying it or saving it, but from rebuilding it.


Abhishek Brahmachari, born on 22nd July 1986 in Varanasi, is a graduate in Hindi Literature. He received his primary and secondary education from Varanasi and Deoria. After completing his graduation from Gorakhpur, he started his creative journey as a singer, lyricist and composer by making a private music album. He then moved to Mumbai to become a film writer-director. There he participated in a workshop based on film-making. Afterwards, he started making short and documentary films as an independent film writer-director. Over a period of 18 years, he has done a lot of works in various forms of writing like songs, screenplays, e-comics, subtitles, translations, news articles etc. Brahmachari, whose films have been awarded at several film festivals, has written songs for famous singers like Kumar Sanu, Anup Jalota and Mamta Sharma. He has written the song “Mann Tu”, which is sung by celebrated singer Sonu Nigam, for the feature film Atkan Chatkan presented by renowned musician A. R. Rahman. Brahmachari has also received the Best Editor Award for the feature film “Dansh” at K Asif Chambal International Film Festival, and the feature film “Beej” written, directed and edited by him has also been honored with the Special Jury Award at Reels International Film Festival. His short film “God Loves Pipe” has received awards for Best Short Film, Best Experimental Short Film and the short documentary “Kashi Ke Kund” has received Best Message Award. Due to his interest in many subjects, his writing contains a lot of random ideas.


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