Pyar Ki Reet


By: Ashok Priya Bandhu

ISBN: 9789358387087

Page:  126

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In reality, Ghazal is a form of Persian poetry that found its way into Urdu literature. The word “”Ghazal”” means the expression of love between lovers. However, over time, it has undergone significant changes and now encompasses various themes beyond love. Today, Hindi Ghazal has carved its own niche in the literary world.

Contemporary poet Dushyant Kumar played a pivotal role in elevating Hindi Ghazal. He connected Ghazals with the common people by taking it out of the alleys and taverns and into mainstream society. Ghazals now comment on social situations, governance, and power.

A Ghazal is a collection of couplets written according to a specific meter. The first couplet is called “”Matla”” and the last one “”Maqta.”” Each Ghazal’s lines follow a rhyme scheme, and repeated words are called “”Radif.”” Additionally, “”Nazm”” is another popular form of poetry with a single theme.

“”I am primarily a poet, but after joining Facebook, I was inspired by some of my friends’ Ghazals. Based on the knowledge I gained from Google, Kavyodaya Sanstha, and my Ghazal artist friends, I was able to create this collection of Ghazals, ‘Pyar Ki Reet.’ The title reflects the changing nature and forms of love that we experience from childhood to old age.””


Ashok Priyabandhu, a distinguished poet, was born on February 15th, 1950, coinciding with the auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri. His birthplace is in the state of Jharkhand, near the Hazaribagh district, specifically in the village of Kadma Gram. He pursued his education at Sant Kolumba College.

After a dedicated career at the State Bank of India, he retired in February 2012, with well-deserved honors. His deep-rooted interest in literature and poetry has been a lifelong passion, nurtured since his early years.

Ashok Priyabandhu’s literary talents shine through his contributions to various publications, including magazines associated with the State Bank of India like “Chetna,” “Swarn Rekha,” and “Prayash,” among others. Furthermore, some of his ghazals have graced the pages of the Ranchi Express newspaper.

In addition to his magazine and newspaper contributions, Ashok Priyabandhu has shared his poetic creations in collections like “Gyan-Jyoti-Punj,” capturing the essence of survival and the environment he knows so intimately.




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