By: Tushar Ranjan Mandal


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Category: JUVENILE NONFICTION / History / United States / 21st Century

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About the book

There are thousands of gold mines in life. From there, if you can extract gold in the mind’s eye, you can know life in a very good way. We get lost, our moments get lost, some rare images, signs are left, they tell, I was, we were. The life that is covered in the green forest, the leaves fall according to the rules of time, becomes meaningless. Only some traces of beautiful times remain in the heart of the mind. This is the background of the play. Background of the novel. Crossing one life wave and moving on to another life.
One wave after another continues like this. One comes, falls on the edge. Builds itself again, comes back with new enthusiasm. Human life is the same. Days, months, years pass like a dream. Unknowingly, how many stories, how many words are written, it is not counted. By turning one page, one catches a history. No room for imagination. You don’t have to think about anything. Thousands of images floated above the eyes. Seedlings grow from seeds to life.

About the author

After graduation in science from Calcutta University, government service for four years, followed by joining Allahabad Bank as an officer. Retired after thirty two years of working in various positions in the Bank.
Born in a remote village of Sundarbans. Where there were no newspapers, radio, paved roads, no sound, no good schools. Despite not having so much, there was a mind that did not give up. There was endless enthusiasm. It was a simple mentality. And there was an addiction to participating in adventure activities. This addiction drives people out of their homes and into the streets. From the road to the forest, brought back to the heart of the city. Now permanent in the city.


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