Rudra : Dream of Mayazal


By: Prasanta Kumar Bidyadhar

ISBN: 9789358384536

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Page: 214

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Adyavasha _: Rudra (Dream of Mayazal)….

A dream is a stepping stone to the long journey of life….! Even if one finds identity, one survives in the strength of finding one’s identity. A person forgets everything for the fulfillment of his dreams, but a character like Rudra can make his dream come true by taking friends and family, facing all the situations properly…!

A different mode of relationship gives the family, sacrifices the crown of excellence, and after taking the many duties of life as a pointer, the character Rudra is the perfect image of succeeding in reaching the pinnacle of dreams. ..! The depth of friendship cannot be measured by years…I can measure it only in times of need…so let us now know the story of a character “”Rudra””…

There are many stories, there are many characters, but the struggle of that dream has resulted. Rudra has acquired happiness, prosperity, sorrow, love, anger, anger, pride, affection, everything and has taken the form of Maharudra. No matter how hard the body is, one can move but who will say a little about the self-esteem, then life will seem like it is gone. Why, if the body is hard, medicine will fix it, if it comes to the character, the person will die there. Death of man may be true but it starts from his soul with thousands of “”Rudra””….



Novelist Prashant Kumar Bidyadhar was born in Maral Malini Neelambu Chilika coastal area, Village Udayagiri, Tangi block, Khordha district resident of great destroyer, painter and drama director✓. Late Prasanna Kumar Bidyadhar was the eldest son of mother Savitridevi. In a busy biography, he have a special interest in the orthodox language and literature. And him main goal is to awaken the awareness of Odia language, Odia culture and literature in the minds of today’s youth.

His written book _ “”Natak Raghupati Raghava Rajaram”” O
“”Mita of Fornication”” which is now in the manuscript.

Published Books: “”Yojangandha”” (Ring of the Heart) and Indradhanu (Seven Colors of Life), Suhani (A Fard of Life), Novel “”Kachghar”” I
Awaiting publication _The Blue Valley
Among the many co-published books are: The Madhyantara , The Dhuliaa Baba, and the Sangharsh Belabhumi (This Is Life), The Jiantaa Saba (A Fart of Unseen Life), “” Katha Kuha Chithi “” and “”Hada Kankala”” and “”Udandi Jhia””. One of the books.


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