Savdhan Aage Mod Hai



ISBN: 9789358387292

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Page: 146

Category: FICTION / Thrillers / Crime

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Mystery, Suspense…Crime …Will they succeed? Memorable stories that give entertainment with a subtle moral message from BHAGWAD GITA but without being preachy.
1. Mysterious Journey: A suitcase full of enormous money has a bad habit of changing places. Will it reach its valid owner?
2. Deadly Measures: An accident is due. Can anyone avoid it?
3. Banking on Trust: A banker must fulfil his responsibility towards his daughter’s costly education. Will he manage?
4. Stealthy Lottery: A bank manager turns into a detective. Can he solve the case?
5. Release from Pain: A sentry must save a high-profile female prisoner from her pain. Will he be successful?
6. Prisoner of Dreams: A lady bank officer must fulfil the dreams of her late husband. Does she have the capabilities?
7. Breaking the Mold: A son must protect his pretty widowed mother from lechers. Can he accomplish it?

The pace of the stories keeps the readers glued, wanting to know what happens next. As the plots deepen, twists and turns keep them hooked until the end.
Worth grabbing and and enjoying now!


Amresh Srivastava (Ex GM/CFO), 70 years young, is a company chairman and a retired veteran banker. He has spent four decades in the banking industry of India. Within this period, he has seen all aspects of life, especially banking, and its nuanced challenges. His tenure, as in charge of the anti-fraud and vigilance cell at the bank’s head office, rocked. Many fraud cases were full of suspense and mystery. Investigations were nothing less than thriller stories. He observed criminalities of various complexities by clever minds and conflicts of commoners. All this provided a pool for fascinating writing matters. The inspiration for a few of his stories in this book has come out of this reservoir of memories. More may follow in due course. He is married and has two adorable daughters. He lives with his family in Pune.


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