Soccer Mom- A Children’s Story


By: Sarina Pasricha

ISBN: 9788195958283

Page: 14

Price: 67

Category: FICTION / General

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About the book

It is unbelievable to think that it is the post-modern times for many women living in the developed world with equal opportunities for all; but majority of the world’s women still are struggling for basic services such as health care, sanitation, and education. This is one such story of Nita: the story of a typical Indian woman growing up in a village and passing on new traditions to the next generation.

About the author

Master of Science from the University of Pennsylvania. 15 years of content development experience. 5 years of Management Consulting and Organizational Development experience. With specialization in writing, editing, change management, coaching, training management, and training delivery for Fortune 500 companies. Comfortable with high level of responsibility and great at interaction within all levels of the corporation. A creative thinker with a pleasant personality, a good sense of humor, and able to be attentive to detail while keeping the broad strategy in mind. Writing style uses the latest trend of storytelling of the brand so that the audience can associate with the message and a narrative that is real and personal.


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