Sonar Bangla 1975


By:Tushar Ranjan Mandal




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About the book

After graduation in science from Calcutta University, government service for four years, followed by joining Allahabad Bank as an officer. Retired after thirty two years of working in various positions in the Bank.
Born in a remote village of Sundarbans. Where there were no newspapers, radio, paved roads, no sound, no good schools. Despite not having so much, there was a mind that did not give up. There was endless enthusiasm. It was a simple mentality. And there was an addiction to participating in adventure activities. This addiction drives people out of their homes and into the streets. From the road to the forest, brought back to the heart of the city. Now permanent in the city.

About the author

On August 15, 1975, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the nation of Bangladesh, was brutally murdered. All his cabinet ministers were immediately murdered. It’s a turbulent time. Always wanted to visit Bangladesh. We two friends crossed the border illegally and went to Bangladesh. I got the love of so many unknown people. I came back alive to die. What a strange experience I had. I enjoyed the infinite beauty of nature. Thinking back now makes my mind heavy. I was eighteen years old. Don’t give up boy. After an adventure, leaving the illusion of life, I went to get a good home. I got love from countless people. Bangladesh is one of the best hospitality countries in the world. Bangladeshi people know well how to make other people their own. One of the best times of my life has been highlighted in this article. Those who once took me as their own, are no longer in this world. A few may still be alive, but no longer in touch. Actually there was no system to communicate at that time. Salutations to those people. Their memories are still in my heart, and will remain.


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