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About the book

This book envisions a society where the girl is not only worshiped and understood as Goddess, Lakshmi, etc. When an inhuman incident like rape of a girl of such a society happens, then those people are put to death. But the vengeance does not end there, for the coming 60 years, every man who comes out of that village is subjected to death. The ghat is removed, because the girl’s side believes that such rascals have been born in your village, it is the fault of the whole village, you have made those people rapists. You must have seen them doing such abominable work, but Kalyanpur ignored them.
When you start hiding the mistakes of your loved ones, then the crime is not only of the criminal, it is of every person who is associated with the criminal. Those poor people were punished, but their crime made the people of Kalyanpur guilty of death and punishment for 60 years.
Today, we read the news of rape in TV newspapers, rape happened with such a fella, but it is rarely heard, read, that those poor people got death sentence. One is this society which is silent on the plight of sister daughter, and one is my imaginary society where the whole village gets punished for raping a daughter.
So that no one can carry out such dirty thinking again.

About the author

I am Mahendra Singh Sitli, I am a resident of Sitali village in Barmer district of West Rajasthan. My place of residence comes under the Thar desert, so the availability of water here is minimal, there is cultivation for four months in a year, so most of the people do the work of making sweets. I have studied up to BA, at present I am interested in writing, so efforts are on to do this work wholeheartedly. This is my first book so I am very excited, our first thing is always special and closest to heart so this book is my best writing I believe.
Anvi Chothe.


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