Stree Kyu Darti Hai


By: Santoshi Baghel

ISBN: 9789358385670

Price: 220/-

Page: 139

Category: POETRY / Women Authors

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This compilation is like a painting of a woman’s thoughts, with all the many feelings and attachments painted in vibrant hues. Poems have taken physical form as a result of the experiences and wants that have arisen in a woman’s head; they contain love and separation, freedom and the agony of limitations, and desires. Woman maintains love and elevates it to new levels; there is also a profound assault on forbidden passions. There are so many of these priceless moments in this compilation.


A powerful emblem of contemporary poetry is Santoshi Baghel, a native of Raipur, Chhattisgarh. A government school close to Raipur, the capital, employs her as a professor. Although he has written extensively about love and separation in his works, he has also sought to address societal issues and promote conversations about women through his poetry, which are notable for the depth of emotion they contain.


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