Suicider: The Thriller Mystery


By: Rajul Ratna Chourasiya

ISBN: 9789358385359

Price: 199/-

Page: 92

Category: FICTION / General

Delivery Time: 7-9 Days



In a girls’ hostel, secrets unfold, telling a story of hidden relationships and secret affairs. Aryan, the warden’s son, faces a tragic demise, triggering a sequence of events.

The mysterious suicide and the unexpected death of Madhu, the warden, add layers of complexity. Officer Ajay digs into the investigation, exposing a dark world of desires and revenge. The plot twists, revealing four girls as masterminds with hidden motives. Unexpected confessions heighten the suspense, leading to a final revelation that challenges the true nature of events. The term ‘suicider’ introduces a mix of tragedy and crime, urging the reader to untangle the intricate dynamics and motives. What’s beneath the surface? The answers create suspense, making this mysterious tale a captivating journey into human complexity and the unforeseen.


Rajul Ratna Chourasiya is a dynamic and emerging author with a passion for storytelling. His literary journey includes notable works such as “”Hostellers: The Story of an Aloof World”” and his second compelling book, “”Suicider: The Thriller Mystery.”” Rajul Ratna’s educational background comprises a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering and a Master’s in Environmental Engineering, reflecting his diverse intellectual pursuits.

Beyond his literary achievements, Rajul Ratna is an adept content creator, showcasing his versatile talents across various mediums. His dedication to crafting engaging narratives and his multidisciplinary expertise underscore his commitment to both creativity and academic excellence.



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