Upnishad Saar : Shiv Sankalpadi Gyarah Upnishad Saral Hindi Kavita Roop


By: Sham Sunder Gupta

ISBN: 9789358386332

Price: 300/-

Page: 175

Category: POETRY / General

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Rich knowledge contained in the Vedic literature is fast being forgotten by the common reader because of the complications of Vedic Sanskrit as also little spread of modern Sanskrit. The Hindi translations of the Upnishads are also difficult to understand due to their verbosity. With a view to make it acceptable to a common man an effort has been made to convert a few of the Upnishads in easy Hindi poetry.


The author is a post graduate in english literature. His love for Hindi language and ancient literature comes to him with his family culture. He retired as a senior officer of the Central Secretariat and has two published books to his credit in Hindi/English poetry.


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