Vira Wutz’ Surya Namaskar Party


By:Dr. Vikas Chothe, Dr. Shwetambari Chothe, Anvi Chothe




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About the book

After the grand success of Indian government nominated book Panchatantra and Yogasutra: A Panchatantra approach to Patanjali’s Yogasutra, this book brings the universal yogic wisdom to kids and families. The book will introduce the idea of surya namaskar (sun salutation) and dinacharya (daily regimen) practices to pre and primary school children in a fun way, connecting them with nature. Also, the illustrations here are based on 500 years old Chitrakathi art form, an exotic form of indigenous Indian folk art from Maharashtra which has reached near extinction. Sharing them through this book is a great way to generate interest for these artforms, developing a taste for Indian culture. Considering the problems like increased screen time, improper sleep and physical inactivity, this activity book is good for children above 3 years age.

About the author

Dr. Vikas Chothe is an MD, PhD Sch Ayurvedic doctor, YCB lead yoga examiner at TQ Cert (TATA projects) and an artist by passion. He is also the founder of Swasti Yoga Center, an ISO certified and AYUSH accredited yoga training center, with students from more than 35 countries. He was selected by Indian government to assist Indian Embassy in Armenia for the 2nd International Yoga Day. His work in the field of health education, menstrual health, Ayurveda for slums is acclaimed internationally. He has travelled extensively to more than 10 countries like USA, UAE, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Malaysia, Cambodia, China and many more for the promotion and propagation of Yoga and Ayurveda.
Dr. Shwetambari Chothe is an AYUSH certified Yoga Teacher and Evaluator, consulting homeopath, guest faculty in LMF Homoeopathic Medical College, Pune, and co-founder of Swasti Yoga Center, an ISO certified and AYUSH-YCB accredited yoga training center. Since childhood, she had a keen interest in yoga and Indian culture. She is a great chef with Ayurveda healthy cooking as her specialty. Qualifications: MD Homoeopath, Anatomy and Physiology expert, YCB yoga examiner and practitioner for six years.
Anvi Chothe.


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