What The world wants to know


By: Amit Gupta

ISBN: 9789358384062

Page:  68

Price: 161/-

Category: POETRY / General

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This book is all about realistic quotes and poetry by Poet Amit Gupta and this book shows us the way to our realistic world. What is happening in this world atmosphere, I wrote it with all of my concentration to make people wake up in a condition where they need to know the rude reality. Read All of my quotes and poetry and that will help you know know treacherous kinds of negative people on this hopeless earth. And we the writers, poets, and artists who think the straight manner are fighting to help our system to make crime negligible.


I am a simple man i.e. Poet Amit Gupta with a middle-class view towards this society and I was a born poet but after some traumatic episodes in my life, I became I rude and realistic poet who only tries to nullify our wrong society which needs to be reformed and our republic awareness by my poetries will make people wake up. That’s it.



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