Harsh aur peeda


By: Rachna mishra pandey

ISBN: 9789358380699

Page: 91

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I have compiled some of my important poems in my book ‘Harsh aur peeda’. In this book, I have tried to attract the attention of more and more people on some such subjects, which hurt my heart and leave a deep impact on my psyche.
In both these poems, ‘Mob bleaching’ and ‘Daayan Ek Andhvishwas’, I have depicted the atrocities committed by the mob on an individual, on which despite the law being made, we get to read about such incidents in newspapers every day.
In the poem ‘Sautan Madira’, an attempt has been made to show how alcohol has made the lives of lower class women like hell.A big problem of our society is hypocrisy in the name of religion, which I have tried to describe in the poem ‘Kya Hoga’.My poems ‘Baatein Sidhi-Sadi’, ‘Lakdi Ki Laathi’ and ‘Jaaga Tha Saari Raat’, if seen from one perspective, these three poems seem to be the stories within the four walls of the house. But if many people of the society are facing the same problem. If people are struggling then this problem becomes not personal but social, which should be discussed among us.I felt it necessary to discuss the mental exploitation done by women on women, which I have tried to show in ‘Baatein Seedhi-Sadi’.I have highlighted the pain of the elderly in my poems ‘Lakdi ki Laathi’ and ‘Jaaga tha saari raat’.I have tried to put down on pages many other things which keep wandering in my heart.


Rachna Mishra is a young litterateur, educationist and a keen student of psychology.
He was born in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, and since childhood, the literary atmosphere of the house kept affecting his personality. His paternal grandfather late Mr. Shyam Dutt Mishra was one of the leading litterateurs of Bihar ‘Gaya’, with his love and affection Rachna ji’s mind also awakened the feeling of service towards literature.
Rachna Mishra has been readily contributing to literary practice for the last 10 years. And his works have been published in newspapers and magazines.
Among his notable works, ‘Bapu Aa Jaao Phir Ek Baar’, and ‘Chup’ were published from Ranchi Express. and ‘Manav’, ‘Jeevan Dhan’, ‘Confusion’, ‘Simple things,’ ‘Wake up all night’, ‘But why’, ‘Joy and Pain’, ‘Listen friends’, ‘I am fate’ and ‘Wooden stick’ ‘ has been published in the six-monthly literary magazine Magabandhu.
Rachna ji has exposed the untouched aspects of human emotions through her poetry. Rachna Mishra reveals the deep pains of the mind in the range of human vision with the colors of her words, whose vision goes beyond the understanding of ordinary people. His writings express his voice intensely on the topics of decline of values in human society, neglect of elders etc. The heart of the human being is the birthplace of the feelings by which the society makes itself liberal. Rachna Mishra’s poems seem to reflect this sweater only.



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