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The book is all about, knowing your self worth it quides you to love yourself from every aspect, It is the combination of poems and articles, spreading love & kindness is the main objective of this book. along with self-love, it gives you the basic understanding of life & guides you to discuss and share your problems with your closed ones, also it lets you know the true meaning of friendship. It guides you the basic differences for example, between Ego and self-respect, it guides you to Be yourself but at the same time the book clears the difference between being yourself and being selfish. This book is a fusion of past & present, being nostalgic from past, and gives an overview to current situations & reflects present scenario.

About the Author

Aditi Agarwal is a student of commerce, currently persuing The Bachelor of commerce with honours. (B.COM HONS.) She’s passionate about writing, whenever she come across heart touching moments of life, she portrays all of them in the form of a unique edition of words in poetry. she strongly wants to bring about a change, and replace all the mindsets of cruelty with kindness, she just wants to spread love all around.


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