Zero to Ten Secret of Universe & My Existence


By: Prin Dr. Rajkumar M. Kolhe

ISBN: 9788119064557

Page: 164

Price: 299

Category: SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / Self-Esteem

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About the book

‘My existence from zero to ten mysteries of the cosmos’ is a magical laboratory that keeps opening layer by layer. I was startled to see what kind of game was being played in many areas. In which man’s condition as a player is the only way to remain on the field of sports life. Because he is the only one who can get him out of here. This is a beautiful eleven-day penance that should be done consistently. Because of Corona, there was uproar everywhere. But, these days, the universe was revealing a new world to us by lifting the veil of mystery. This journey was so enjoyable that each number that came on it gave its grand darshan. And we were all feeling it as Arjuna. The universe’s mystery is blessed, and we made a modest effort to find existence in it.

About the author

Prin Dr. Rajkumar M. Kolhe, Founder President, Jahnvis Multi Foundation


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