A Moment of Life


By: Prerna Chaudhary

ISBN: 9788119064410

Page: 30

Price: 99

Category: FICTION / General

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About the book

This book ” A Moment of Life” is a remarkable combination of fiction and non-fiction elements. The author, through her adventures, discovers the power of self-reflection, courage, and hope. She has brilliantly interwoven the plots with facts and her observation. The writing is beautiful, with evocative descriptions of the scenes and emotions being experienced. The author has presented her thoughts in a compelling manner that engages the readers from the first page to the last. This book is a unique and captivating experience that will leave readers wanting more.
Overall, this is an excellent book that offers an insightful and thought-provoking journey through fiction and non-fiction alike. Highly recommended for readers of all ages.

About the author

The book “A MOMENT OF LIFE”,authored by PRERNA CHAUDHARY of CLASS – VII , is not just a story, it is the perseverence that one has to face in his/her life. The lines written in this book is the combination of most of the things that could be happend or can have happen in ones life. Through this book author wants to share her view about “how a moment can shape ones life”. I highly recommend this book for everyone irrespective of their age.


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