A Place of Eternal Glory for Those Who Suffer


By: M. Paulson Joshua

ISBN: 9789358387773

Price: 210/-

Page: 105

Category: SELF-HELP / General

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This book describes the lives of the saints who lived in this world with various sufferings and temptations. Explains, with evidence from the Bible, what benefit and blessing the sufferings of the saints will have in this world and in the afterlife.
This book will be an encouragement to those who are being tested to live with suffering in this world. This book gives readers the courage to live a peaceful, God-fearing, successful life.


Paulson Joshua, an evangelist living in Kerala, resigned from his job in the United Arab Emirates in 1990 to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. He did church ministry in West Bengal for ten years and personal evangelism in all parts of India.
Now he is a Bible teacher and author of Christian books, counseling drug addicts and the mentally ill.


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