Visual Merchandising : A Science of Sensory Retailing


By: Dr. Harmeet Kaur Bhasin

ISBN: 9789358382525

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Page: 213

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Visual Merchandising – A science of Sensory Retailing- This book is based on authors Ph.D. research “A study of Visual Merchandising Practices in Retail Industry in Mumbai with special reference to Cosmetics and Perfumes” research done under the guidance of Dr. Vidya Hattangadi. This book gives an over view of the organized retail scenario in India in special reference to the city of Mumbai. It is an attempt to give a detail understanding of Visual merchandising in relation to all its important elements. It deals with the Principles of VM, the Aesthetic appeal to the customer, the physical In-store environment and store design, Importance of signage, theme display, store atmospheric, ambience. This book also walks you through the History of Visual Merchandising. The major focus of this book is on the sensory retailing elements of Visual Merchandising like Lighting, Use of Colors, Music, Fragrance, Ambience with fixtures, mannequins, props, and displays. Different approaches are discussed in this book like importance of Graphics, storytelling approach etc. the author has given an insight on the findings of her research with a large sample size. (3,000 Customers, 25 Dealers, 25 Retailers and 50 Visual Merchandisers). This book gives quotes from many leading Visual Merchandisers (National and International), multiple definitions, and explanation of experts related to current scenario of Visual Merchandising. The book finally concludes with many proposed models made by the author to give more clarity of the concept.


Dr. Harmeet Kaur Bhasin – Associate Professor- Department of Commerce (HOD), Dr. Harmeet Kaur Bhasin, studied in Mumbai University, has done her Ph.D. titled” A Study of Visual Merchandising Practices in Retail Industry in Mumbai with special reference to Cosmetics and Perfumes” From SNDT University Mumbai She been teaching last 27 years to students. Since 1999, she is teaching in St. Andrew’s Degree College, Bandra, Mumbai. Subjects close to her heart are Business Management, Marketing Advertising and Research. Her area of research is Retail marketing, Advertising, Brand image and Consumer Research. She had written multiple research papers on these areas including Visual Merchandising. Teaching is her passion and learning is her hobby.


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