Super team X


by Mohammad Huzaifa

ISBN: 9789390047208

PRICE: 115

Pages: 41

Language: English

Category: FICTION

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This book is written by Mohammad Huzaifa. This book is based on superheroes. The story revolves around Noah Marshal, The son of Emma and Lucas Marshal. He had superpowers but he didn’t knew it. Noah had Lost his Parents. Noah was supported by his brother like friend, Zeo Rodriguez. Zeo also had powers which were hidden from them. They came to know that Noah’s parents were superheroes. Noah also has to become one. Zeo helps Noah. They became superheroes. Soon, they met Jane, an A.I.

About the Author

This is Mohammad Huzaifa. He studies in class 6th in DPS Noida. It is his first that he wrote a book. He was always inspired by Superheroes. The first book he read was “Marvel’s 5-Minutes stories” His most liked superheroes are Spider-man, Iron man, Batman and Superman.


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